Business License Compliance

Manage your business licenses online with CLiC® 

Tired of keeping track of renewal dates for various licenses across the country?

Our secure web-based Client License Information Center (CLiC), lets you quickly access all license information in one central location. Renewing your license before it expires is one click away.

View your licenses.

View all your existing licenses in your selected jurisdiction. Run reports, view your application status, see all renewal dates and associated state fees. Check a box to ask LicenseLogix to take care of a renewal filing.

Manage renewals.

60 days before the renewal date, you will receive an email notification. You can decide to:
  • Renew the license yourself
  • Click "Renew" to notify your account manager to process the renewal for you
  • Outsource all renewals to LicenseLogix

Manage your documents.

All important documents associated with your licenses can be stored in our secure online system and are accessible when needed for renewals, new filings, or state requests. Upload all license-related corporate documents and email, print or fax directly from CLiC.

Outsource all business license tasks to us

You can rely on LicenseLogix to manage all licensing matters. Let our experts handle the license research and license filing duties facing your business. We provide a cost-effective solution to administrative chores and free up your personnel to focus on other valuable tasks. We will:

  • Help navigate the frequently changing regulatory environment
  • Complete and submit application forms to proper authority
  • Achieve fast results
  • Help avoid succession issues if the person managing your corporate compliance leaves

About LicenseLogix

A team of attorneys, legal service providers, and technology professionals formed LicenseLogix to address a growing need in helping companies deal with varying compliance requirements in all 50 states. The experts at LicenseLogix can perform all business license research, application assembly and filing. LicenseLogix prepares everything related to the license application except the client’s signature, while getting businesses licensed faster and keeping them compliant with the law.

To get started, email LicenseLogix to consult a licensing specialist, contact us via live chat, or fill in the contact form below.

Download a brochure here.