Why LicenseLogix?

LicenseLogix was started by lawyers, technology professionals, and legal service industry veterans who wanted to transform the way new and existing businesses obtain their proper licensing.

We understand that business licensing and compliance is a thankless job. It can be confusing, challenging, and time-consuming. Our goal at LicenseLogix is to help businesses get licensed and compliant with the law in the easiest and fastest way possible. We’ve already helped hundreds of businesses - just like you - get clarity, get organized and get on with their day to day operations.

With personalized service and easy to use technology, LicenseLogix takes over the tedious tasks of research, assembly, and filing - ensuring that our clients are properly licensed and their questions promptly answered.

Your dedicated LicenseLogix account manager will help you determine the appropriate license(s) required, fill out any applications, and communicate with the relevant licensing authority. They will also walk you through the Client License Information Center (CLiC) and explain how to get the most out of our secure, web-based tool. All of your licenses and their renewal dates will be available to you in one centralized location.

The experts at LicenseLogix can basically prepare everything except the client’s signature!

So whether you are a sole proprietor operating in one state, or a large corporation with hundreds of entities doing business in all 50 states, LicenseLogix is your full-service resource for all of your business licensing needs. We want to help keep your business running, so that you spend your time running your business.

Download our Brochure! (PDF).