Seasonal Pop-ups: Rewards and Risks

With the holiday season approaching, businesses are gearing up for the busiest commercial time of the year. Many establishments, in an effort to take advantage of the opportunity the gift holidays provide, may decide to open temporary, seasonal locations, or “pop-up stores”. While these pop-up stores can help your business increase visibility (and therefore revenue) during the busy time, there are some important regulatory hoops through which your business must jump in order to remain compliant.

Is your pop-up store opening in a new state?

If so, you’ll probably need to Foreign Qualify in that new state. Make sure you register your business with the Secretary of State’s office before engaging in business. You may also need to register for that state’s Sales Tax, Payroll Taxes, and any state-level regulatory business licenses that are applicable to your business.

Sales & Use Tax accounts need updates!

Even if you aren’t opening your pop-up store in a new state, your current state may require you to update your Sales Tax account with the additional location, even if it’s only temporary. Certain states even require a new Sales Tax registration for each and every business location.

Local licensing laws can be tricky.

The city and county in which you are opening your pop-up store can have a big impact on the types of licenses you’ll need to obtain for your seasonal address. Many cities and counties have a Basic Business License that all businesses must have in order to operate, temporary or not. Some jurisdictions also have special permits specifically regulating seasonal pop-ups. If your business already holds a license in the locality, make sure you don’t need to add your pop-up location to that license account!

Leaping legal hurdles can be particularly stressful during the bustling holiday season, but what’s far worse is blowing your holiday revenue by coming under heavy fines for not operating compliantly. LicenseLogix is an expert in the ways in which opening a new business location may affect your compliance liabilities. Let us help your business capitalize on the season. Contact a LLX guru at 800-292-0909 or get a free quote today!