Case Study: Food Truck Company

Obtaining New Licenses in a Heavily Regulated Industry 

The Challenge

A client required a Mobile Food Vendor license for their business. This is a highly regulated industry, resulting in a 40-page license application. Knowing errors and deficiencies in the application would be likely to cause considerable delay in the issuance of the license, the client reached out to LicenseLogix to expertly and seamlessly navigate the process.

The LicenseLogix Solution

To tackle the complex license application, LicenseLogix:

  • Utilized our team of experts to break down each element of the application
  • Worked directly with the client to ensure each element was complete and accurate.
  • Submitted the 40 page application on behalf of the client and maintained weekly calls with the governing Board and insurance company.

The Outcome

License issued. The client has since placed more orders for license applications in different cities and counties as the mobile food truck expands the areas it serves.

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LicenseLogix core values at work