Case Study: Retailer

Retail Client in Jeopardy: Time Restraints and Complex Filings to Open Flagship Store

The Challenge

A retailer came to LicenseLogix to help identify and file for the requisite licenses and permits to open a new location on a tight deadline.

The client operates both online and brick and mortar retail space with complex licensing and permitting needs, as evident from their multi-faceted business model: consignment, sales of second hand goods (including luxury items such as fine jewelry and exotic animal skin items), coupled with the provision of food and beverages at their on-location cafes.

The LicenseLogix Solution

To tackle the time restraints and complexities of this project, LicenseLogix:

  • Quickly identified the need of a customized questionnaire developed specifically for this client to target unique activities.
  • Enhanced internal synergy between LLX departments to facilitate research and filing; partnered with client's internal compliance team to assist with necessary research and filings.
  • Thinking ahead to long-term license compliance, LLX set the client up on CLiC to fully outsource all their license management.

The Outcome

Timeline met. The client's flagship retail store opened on-time.

Revenue protected. By fulfilling the requirement and renewing its license, the company avoided losing substantial revenue and sanctions.

Luxury Consignment Retailer case study View or download the case study here.


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