Business License Compliance

CLiC logo Business license compliance can be a huge burden on the day-to-day activities in your business. The licensing experts at LicenseLogix ensure that your company remains compliant while you focus on your business through our online web portal and our renewals team.

Client License Information Center (CLiC) is the most effective and only license compliance and project management tool available. You wouldn’t use a wrench to do the job of a hammer. Why use Microsoft Excel/Outlook when you could be using CLiC?

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Mobile Icon CLiC allows you to access your entire license portfolio from any device that has internet connectivity.

Notebook Icon You can add notes to each license, manage renewals, and edit licenses right in your account, as well as search + filter all license fields and import and organize important license documents.

Upload Icon Plus you get license functionality; order new licenses and upload licenses any time.


Toolbox Icon With CLiC, you can see the overview of your license portfolio and all of the details in one place. View all licenses, including renewal and issue dates, jurisdiction fees and application status.

Toolbox Icon Stay on top of status updates and receive notifications of expirations. View, print, email and fax any license documents within CLiC.

Trends Icon CLiC empowers you with unlimited reporting capabilities. Run Excel reports to quickly preserve all data for bookkeeping.


Clock Icon Automatically have LLX handle all license renewals so you don’t have to deal with the jurisdictions. Your employees can concentrate on other tasks while LLX handles every licensing aspect.

Check Mark Icon Upload all renewable licenses into your CLiC account and our Renewals Team takes over the preparation and filing of all renewals.

Phone Icon We will follow up with the proper governmental authorities to ensure these registrations and filings are processed and remain in good standing.


Secure Icon Your business licences and account information are safe with us. With CLiC, you get a password protected portal and authority over who has access and to what degree (i.e. edit licenses).

Layers Icon Multi-layered protection for renewals gives you greater peace of mind. You will receive notifications from LLX so you won’t have to rely on government entities.