Business License Compliance

Business License Filings and Outsourcing

Outsource your business license application process to us

Our experts file thousands of business licenses a month on behalf or our clients - they are skilled and fast at filling out the right forms and know how to reach the licensing authorities in case of questions/concerns. Let us handle your license filing process so you can focus on your core business.
1) Identify requirements

Whether your business operates as a multi-state operation or in a single location:
  • We identify all application requirements for your business license filing
  • We determine what corporate and legal documents you need to submit with the application

2) Complete all application forms

  • We fill out all application forms and ensure supporting documents are complete
  • On your behalf, we submit the amount of state fees required for your business license filing

3) Verify license is issued

  • We contact the licensing authority to ensure the business licenses are issued
  • In case of insufficiency or rejection, we work with you and the authority to resolve the issue