Business License Verification

Verify that all your business licenses are valid

The repercussions of operating your business without the proper license can be severe, causing a company to lose money and goodwill. When businesses are licensed in multiple jurisdictions or maintain licenses for numerous entities they can expect to have renewal dates littered all across the calendar. Don't assume that the licensing jurisdiction will send your company a renewal notice!

We help ensure that all your business licenses are active and in good standing, thereby avoiding your business getting fined or shut down -- streamlining your license and permit needs.

With our License Verification Service, LicenseLogix will:

  1. Verify the status of all licenses your business currently holds.
  2. Confirm all license renewal dates and renewal frequency.
  3. Produce a comprehensive report containing state-by-state or county-by-county license information.

Vendor Verification Plus
Looking to verify the licenses of third parties or vendors? Our Vendor Verification Plus Program does just that! Learn more