Enterprise Business Licensing Services

Managing a large business is no easy task. You have a lot on your daily “to do” list, understanding new license requirements and tracking existing licenses should not be one of them. At LicenseLogix, handling business licensing is what we do, and we do it well. It is not an add-on service or an afterthought. This specialization allows us to maintain a deep knowledge base of business license requirements and to continue to develop custom technology solutions that are tailored to our clients’ licensing needs.

We know that large corporations may have complex license portfolios, managing them in house is time consuming, expensive, and understanding changing requirements is critical to the survival of your business. The combination of LicenseLogix’s technology, expert knowledge base, and streamlined, industry leading, workflow process, saves your company time and money. All while ensuring your company’s ongoing compliance. How’s that for a smart investment?

Common Questions:

Yes! LicenseLogix developed a web-based business license compliance program specifically for managing license filings and renewals. Our Client License Information Center (CLiC) allows companies across various industries in all 50 states to effectively and efficiently manage their license portfolios.

CLiC allows you the ability to quickly access all license information in one central location. Clients can self-manage their license portfolio through CLiC or choose full service outsourcing and utilize CLiC as a monitoring tool for their organization.
At LicenseLogix we understand the complexity of licensing, keeping track of renewals and maintaining corporate compliance in multiple jurisdictions. LicenseLogix can track multiple licenses across many jurisdictions via our license compliance service. With our secure web-based Client License Information Center, CLiC, you can quickly access all your license information in one central location and be alerted to license renewals before they expire. CLiC also allows you to run reports, view application status and see all your renewal dates and associated fees. For select industries, our regulatory monitoring service, TRAC, updates you on new license requirements and regulations.
Our Client License Information Center, CLiC, will notify your LicenseLogix account manager, renewals team and the contact that you designate within your organization of all upcoming renewals well in advance. Clients can manage the fulfillment process for their renewal filings through CLiC and designate specific members of their organization to receive status updates. With our full service outsourcing option, renewal filings are automatically fulfilled by our dedicated renewals team. This experienced group ensures application accuracy and follows up with the filing authority to streamline the renewal process. Clients can track the filing process and will receive confirmation notifications from CLiC.
LicenseLogix developed a knowledge base of forms, instructions, state codes and filing fees across more than 15,000 jurisdictions. We’ve incorporated this knowledge base and database of forms into our industry leading and proprietary back-end workflow system to ensure our clients have the most relevant information. Our Research and Compliance and Technology Development teams monitor changes daily to ensure our information and forms are never stale.
We take client confidentiality seriously. The physical and virtual security of our servers is extreme. No client information is stored at our headquarters and each employee is bound by a Confidentiality Agreement and subject to our Information Sensitivity Policy regarding Third Party Confidential Information. We will never sell or share your information with any third party beyond what is required by the licensing jurisdictions.

75% of business licenses managed with Outlook and Excel

A study showed that a shocking 75% of large businesses surveyed were still managing business licenses through Outlook and Excel

47% fined for late business license renewal

An alarming 47% experienced a fine for a late renewal

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