By David Yount


“Do I need a business license to open a bakery?Do I need a business license to open a bakery


Yes, almost all jurisdictions require establishments that sell food directly to the public to be licensed with either the state, county, or city the business is located in. In most jurisdictions, Bakeries are treated as food establishments and permits are administered by the Health Department. For instance in New York a food service establishment is required to register with the New York Department of Health and obtain a Food Service Establishment Permit. Similarly in Florida, anyone who wishes to sell food for direct consumption by the public must obtain a Food Service License from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants. Food Service licenses commonly require lengthy applications, building plans, and inspections. Some jurisdictions may require businesses to obtain other local, county, or state licenses. If your business will have employees, you will need to register for payroll taxes. Depending on whether your bakery will function out of a traditional brick and mortar shop, a mobile food truck, or in some cases even your home, different licenses may be necessary

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