By David Yount


“Business License Compliance Software: Can it help manage license filings and renewals?”


Yes!  LicenseLogix developed a web-based business license compliance software specifically for managing license filings and renewals.  Our Client License Information Center (CLiC) allows companies across various industries in all 50 states to effectively and efficiently manage their license portfolio.

Keeping track of renewal dates for various licenses is challenging and time consuming.  LicenseLogix eliminates the hassles of business license management with our secure, easy to use Client License Information Center (CLiC).  CLiC allows you the ability to quickly access all license information in one central location.

CLiC Features:

  1. View all of your existing licenses in selected jurisdiction including associated fees, renewal dates as well as monitor the status of each application
  2. Manage renewals with automatic renewal messages
  3. Import and organize documents associated with your licenses

License Filing service, research your license requirements with our License Research service and verify existing licenses with our License Verification service. For a free consultation or CLiC demo, fill in the form to the left or call us at (800) 292-0909.