By David Yount


“We are moving from Arizona to Ohio. I am a licensed roofer in Arizona. Do I need a roofing license to do residential work in Ohio?Do I need a roofing business license to do residential work in Ohio


The State of Ohio does not have a statewide license for construction contractors. Licensing is regulated on the local level. Residential work is covered by each individual county’s building department.

For example, to perform roofing work in the City of Columbus Ohio you would need to complete a Home Improvement Contractor application to perform work on residential homes. On the application you would specify either that you are either a Home Improvement General Contractor or a Home Improvement Limited Contractor License. Home Improvement General Contractors must have a minimum of three full years of “hands on” installation experience in the one, two and three family home improvement field. For a Home Improvement Limited Contractor Licenses a contractor must have a minimum of one full year “hands on” installation experience in that field for which a license is applied for. Residential roofing is a specific classification. The city requires a $25,000 bond, to be filled out on a specific City of Columbus bond form, and a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

To stay compliant with Ohio laws you must determine every county you will be doing business in and check the local level to make sure you have all the proper licenses. This can be a daunting task, LicenseLogix can help you research what licenses you will need as well as file all of the paperwork for you. We can also help you manage your renewal applications by either filing the renewals for you automatically or through CliC our license management software, help you organize and track all of your licenses.

Even though the State of Ohio does not require a roofing license You might also be required to file for taxes, and if you plan to have employees you will need to set up a withholding tax account and unemployment insurance. For more information you can contact us via live chat, or call us at (800) 292-0909.