By David Yount


“My business license expired in 2011. I still have the location only it is not operational. What do I need to reopen my business? Can I use the same information I used previously?How to reactivate an expired business license


The procedure varies state to state and depends on how you ceased operation. For example, in some states you could simply file for a renewal and pay a penalty fee for the late filing. In other states you might need to start the process of obtaining a business license all over again.

Contact the Secretary of State. The answer also depends on whether you dissolved the business with the Secretary of State. You would need to check with the Secretary of State in which the business was originally established to confirm that it was officially dissolved. In most states if the business was in good standing the process to reopen will be easier.

Contact the Department of Revenue. You will want to contact the department of revenue to confirm that your state Tax Identification number is still valid and in good standing. If you have missed any tax filings you will need to bring your account back to good standing.

Contact the IRS. Some information you currently have can still be used. The business’s EIN number from the Internal Revenue Service is like the business’s Social Security Number and will forever be assigned to your business. If you called the IRS to deactivate the EIN you will need to call them and update and activate the business EIN number.

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