By David Yount


“Is it legal to send prescription drugs through the mail?Is it legal to send prescription drugs through the mail


It is only legal for entities that are registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration to send drugs through the U.S. Postal Service. For example, a drug manufacturer, a registered agent of a drug manufacturer, pharmacy, medical practitioner, mail-order pharmacy, or another authorized dispenser.

Every state in the country requires mail-order pharmacies or web-based pharmacies to be properly licensed before they can legally operate in that state. For every state in which an order is placed, the appropriate license is required but additionally, each state varies on which authority regulates this type of business and what additional licenses are necessary.

State licensing laws and state public health codes all have specific requirements that must be met. LicenseLogixstreamlines the licensing process for your business so that you can be certain that your mail order pharmacy is fully compliant with all registration requirements.