By David Yount


“I heard the State of Minnesota has an effort under way to crack down on unlicensed contractors?Is that going on right now?”


Yes, as Twin Cities' Star Tribune reports, the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry is increasing its vigilance on ensuring contractors play by the rules. Overall, 23 contractors were stripped of their license in the first half of 2012 after the department determined these contractors had violated state laws or rules. Of 105 residential building contractors the department took action against, 41 of them had no valid licenses to begin with!

Minnesota does not issue general contractor's licenses at the state level. However, your business may be required to obtain a general contractor's license at the local level or specialty contractor license. Also, a new state law in Minnesota requires registration for some construction contractors with the Department of Labor and Industry. The penalties for failing to comply with licensing requirements can be serious. LicenseLogix helps businesses through this tedious process on a daily basis. Our license filing package starts at just $119 to completely outsource the preparation and filing of your application. Contact us immediately at 800-292-0909 or contact us to get started!