By David Yount


“How can I obtain a permit to grow and distribute medical Marijuana in Massachusetts?”


Since 2012, Massachusetts has allowed for patients to obtain medically necessary marijuana. However, the process for obtaining needed permits is complex and has been subject to much criticism. The backlash, in part, led to an overhaul of the licensing system by the state. Despite this overhaul, slated to start accepting applications as early as June 29, 2015, the application process remains tedious for many businesses in this field. Who is eligible to distribute medical marijuana?

In order to be eligible to distribute medical marijuana in the state of Massachusetts, you must be a nonprofit incorporated in MA that remains in good standing, and all employees must be at least 21 years of age with no history of narcotics or weapons convictions.

What is the application process?

All applicants seeking a license to distribute medical marijuana can be subject to an initial application phase, followed by subsequent phases should the state invite the applicant to continue on. Typical attachments for the initial stage may include a letter of intent, proof of incorporation, and financial records. Attachments for subsequent stages involve a Certificate of Good Standing, a copy of the corporation’s bylaws, background checks, floor plans, and a letter of support or non-opposition from the municipality/county in which the applicant would like to locate. Once submitted, applications may take up to 90 days to be approved or denied.

How much does a license cost?

The initial Application of Intent fee for a MA medical marijuana distribution license is $1,500. The next step, a Management and Operations Profile which includes extensive background checks has a fee of $30,000.

How long is my license good for?

Massachusetts issues medical marijuana licenses for one year, after which they must be renewed. Renewing your license entails paying an annual renewal fee and submitting required accompanying documentation to the licensing agency.

How can LicenseLogix help me?

LicenseLogix will research the medical marijuana licensing requirements specific to the state and local jurisdictions in which you plan to do business. Your Account Manager will prepare, review, and submit the required business license applications on your behalf, saving you time, money, and frustration. Once all of your licenses have been issued, we ensure that you renew on time and your license never falls out of compliance.

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*Information current as of 6/1/2015