By David Yount


“Do I need to be licensed in order to operate a Pool Cleaning business?”


Generally pool cleaning businesses are not subject to many state or local licensing requirements. These businesses must still obtain generally applicable licenses that are required of all businesses operating in a jurisdiction. This includes state registration, local business licenses, and tax registrations if they have employees or will be selling goods. Pool cleaning businesses that focus solely on water treatment and do not install, maintain, repair or replace pool equipment are generally not subject to industry specific licensure requirements. Pool cleaners that operate on the commercial level may be required to receive a Certification or Technician Certification. Generally these programs consist of 14-16 hours of education and one examination.

If a pool cleaning business wishes to repair or replace pool railings, heaters, light fixtures, piping or filters they will likely need a contractor’s license, with a pool and spa classification. Different states require different levels of licensing at the State, County, and Local level. For instance in Florida, companies are required to obtain a contractor license or a specialty contractor license depending on whether they wish to engage in general pool maintenance or pool construction. Similarly in New Jersey, pool cleaners that wish to do water treatment on the residential level are not required to be licensed, but those on the commercial level require a Technician certificate and companies wishing to engage in the care and maintenance of public pools are required to obtain a special license.

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