By David Yount


“What are the state licensing requirements for property managers in Texas?What are the Texas state licensing requirements for property managers


Property management companies in Texas may be required to obtain a Real Estate Broker License. The primary functions of many property management companies, such as leasing, renting and collecting rent on behalf of others, are considered real estate activities under existing Texas real estate licensing laws. If a property management company is going to list, rent, negotiate the rental of property, collect rents, or place tenants on behalf of a landlord client in Texas, the business will need a real estate broker license.

The requirements for an entity to obtain a Texas Real Estate Broker License are as follows:

  1. The entity must select a designated broker who is an officer, manager, or partner of the corporation, LLC, or partnership. The designated broker must be individually licensed as an active Texas real estate broker. If the designated broker does not own at least 10% of the entity, the entity must maintain E&O insurance in the amount of $1 million.
  2. Submission of a current Franchise Tax Account Status page, also known as “Certificate of Good Standing” (must be issued within 21 days prior to the date of the application).
  3. Fingerprint submission by the designated broker of the entity.
  4. Completion of the Texas Application for Broker License by a Business Entity and payment of applicable registration fees.

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