By David Yount


“What type of experience does a security guard need in order to obtain a license?What experience does a security guard need to obtain a license


Security Guard Licenses often have experience and education requirements. The specifics vary by jurisdiction. Sometimes either education or experience can be used to meet the threshold. Experience must often be documented by affidavits from a former employer or W2 proof of employment documentation. For education requirements, applicants must show certification or a diploma for the classes completed. Often specific state approved/issued training course must be attended by the applicant. See below for examples of experience and education requirements for Security Guard Licenses.

In West Virginia, the security guard license applicant must have:

  • One year of verified, full time employment conducting security guard business or conducting the private investigation business working for a licensed firm; or
  • One year of substantially equivalent training or experience

North Carolina requires applicants have “Three years of experience as a manager, supervisor, or administrator with a contract security company, a proprietary security organization or law enforcement agency performing a guard and patrol function. (See G.S. 74C-3(a)(6), 74C-8, 74C-9, 74C-10, 12 NCAC 7D .0301)

In Tennessee, no prior experience is required; however applicants must complete a 4 hour training course and pass an exam based on the course.

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