By David Yount


“Do out of state collection agencies need to obtain the Yonkers, NY license?Do out-of-state collection agencies need to obtain a business license in Yonkers New York


The City of Yonkers, N.Y requires all collection agencies obtain a license.

(Article XVIII) Section 31-158 of the Yonkers Consumer Protection Code states, "It shall be unlawful for any person or business to operate a debt collection agency without first procuring a license from the City of Yonkers."

According to the director of the Consumer Protection Bureau for the city, as confirmed by LicenseLogix, the licensing requirement applies to:

  • Any debt collection agency located in the city of Yonkers; or
  • Any debt collection agency attempting to collect from a resident of Yonkers.

The license fee is $150 for a one-year term.

New York does not currently have a statewide licensing requirement, although recent legislation suggests that could change by 2015. Currently, New York City and Buffalo, NY, also require local debt collection agency licenses.

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