Getting the Proper Business Licenses

License requirements exist to regulate businesses and to protect the public. A license may be mandated from the local, state and federal levels of government. Maintaining compliance with licensing regulations entails a tremendous amount of paperwork, time and fees. Some companies may need to obtain multiple licenses and some regulated activities may come as a surprise to new business start ups. The LicenseLogix expert staff can help you obtain the proper licenses to ensure your new business is in full compliance.

Our licensing experts help you secure and maintain all your required business licenses, permits, and tax registrations.

License Research


  • Identify all licenses that your business needs
  • Provide the current application forms
  • Produce a comprehensive research report

License Verification


  • Verify your current licenses are in good standing
  • Identify and remind you of renewal dates
  • Produce a comprehensive report of all license information

License Filing



  • Identify all application requirements
  • Complete and file all applications for you
  • Work with you and the licensing authority to resolve issues

Sales Tax Registration


Sales Tax and Payroll Tax ID

  • Complete and file the applications for you
  • Work with you and the state agency to resolve issues
  • Verify your identification number is issued

License Research and License Verification are priced by jurisdiction; License Filing and Sales Tax Filing are priced per license per jurisdiction. Prices subject to change.

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