LicenseLogix Ready to Assist Healthcare Staffing Firms Amid Covid-19 Crisis

White Plains, NY-based LicenseLogix LLC announced that they are ready to provide assistance to Employment Agencies and Healthcare Staffing firms that wish to get licensed and compliant in additional states as quickly as possible. In light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the firm is working to ensure that as many companies and organizations as possible have the ability to commit their full resources to battling the virus and/or its effects with minimal delays over legal obligations. They can complete industry-specific licensing and also assist with the necessary prerequisites on behalf of their clients.

According to the firm, the Covid-19 crisis has made operations more difficult for entities around the country, both commercial and governmental alike. Several states, for instance, have already indicated that processing times will be impacted (and more are likely to follow suit in the near future). The extent of any delays is also difficult to gauge as these states have yet to provide new estimates in this regard. However, many other states still appear to be operating normally, for the time being, and have not indicated a delay in processing times. Given that this could soon change, it is inadvisable that their present operating capabilities be taken for granted. To help their clients stay on top of any updates on the matter, LicenseLogix will continue monitoring and confirming with state agencies whether processing times will be impacted.

Despite the context of the outbreak, the firm cautions that there still are potential ramifications for non-compliance. Unlicensed employment or staffing agencies face sweeping penalties, for instance, with the possibility of fines ranging from $1,000 - $25,000 being imposed (depending on the state in question). Unlicensed employment agencies may be ordered to restore any money that was paid to them by a client while they were operating as an unlicensed agency. In addition, the state can prohibit the agency from operating in that state in the future, thereby shuttering any opportunities for them to grow or even ending their ability to function altogether if they are based locally.

Fortunately, LicenseLogix is able to save their clients the hassle of having to deal with these obstacles on their own. Laura Riolo of LicenseLogix LLC elaborates, “Our team can help your business in many ways. We will save you time because our licensing specialists are well-versed in all state license types, requirements and applications. Our flat rate service fee will save you money by taking a time-consuming task off of your desk for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. You can rest assured that, through our efforts, your application will be filed correctly and that you will be able to operate in compliance with the law.”

Founded in 2011, LicenseLogix helps a wide variety of clients, from start-ups to the Fortune 1000, quickly and easily obtain as well as maintain the proper licensing. They are able to achieve this thanks to a highly skilled team, a vast database of licensing requirements, and the convenient web-based portfolio management software - CLiC (Client License Information Center).

The high standards the firm maintains are evident in the fact that LicenseLogix boasts an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Reviews from their clients suggest the same. One such 5-Star review on the BBB website, left by CBD Equities, states, “If you are starting a business, this is a great company to work with. I've had the pleasure of working with the LicenseLogix research team to conduct business license research for my new hemp CBD company. As a startup, working with LicenseLogix has helped to fast track much of the uncertainties of this new industry without the headache of DIY research for a marketplace that otherwise has a lot of ‘grey’ areas due to misconceptions of hemp cannabis versus marijuana.”

The review continues, “As a new business owner, I feel confident that all the required licenses, permits and compliance matters have been vetted to ensure everything is being done in accordance with all the new cannabis laws in California. I highly recommend this company and give the 5 stars for exceptional service, professionalism and personal peace of mind.”

More information can be found on the firm’s website at Further inquiries regarding their services may be directed to Laura Riolo. Additionally, the LicenseLogix team can be reached through their social media platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.