LicenseLogix LLC, Interpreters and Translators Inc., and Network Support Co. Form the Supply Change Alliance to Aid Minority Entrepreneurs

In response to recent societal events, three like-minded business services providers - LicenseLogix, LLC (LLX), Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (iTi), and Network Support Co. (NSC) - have joined forces to launch a philanthropic program designed to directly benefit minority entrepreneurs and help them realize their entrepreneurial visions. The Supply Change Alliance ('The Alliance') is a minority business enterprise support initiative which provides qualified minority business owners with free and/or deeply discounted access to the companies' services. In addition to the time The Alliance saves entrepreneurs in addressing mandatory requirements and/or core functions such as licensing, website development and IT network management, it could also save upwards of $20,000 in startup costs and operating expenses, an amount substantial enough to tip the scales for a business being launched or not.

The Alliance provides minority entrepreneurs with the following array of complimentary services and discounts from which they can pick and choose based on their business' individual needs:

From LicenseLogix
LicenseLogix is offering its full suite of services at no cost and without commitment to up to 100 minority-owned businesses for one year, including:

  • License research: LLX's expert team will navigate the complicated and ever-changing regulatory environment, as well as research and identify the applications, instructions, filing nuances, and fees, resulting in a customized report.
  • License filings: LLX will prepare and submit business license application forms in all industries and in all jurisdictions and proactively communicate with the licensing authorities to ensure faster results.
  • License assessment: LLX will conduct a full audit of a company's business license portfolio, researching all required federal, state, county, and municipal licenses relevant to the business; identifying any gaps or areas of over licensure; and create an optimized roadmap to full compliance.
  • License compliance: LLX will manage the company's renewable licenses as well as track the entire license portfolio.

From Interpreters and Translators, Inc.

  • Free digital marketing consultation: iTi's digital marketing team will evaluate and advise the minority business' websites to establish a baseline and advise on services needed.
  • Free three language translation: iTi offers the opportunity to minority business owners to choose up to three foreign languages to translate their website digital content in, which will expand the audience that their products and services can reach locally, internationally and globally.
  • Free training: iTi will provide to minority business owners a one-hour training for website maintenance along with detailed instructions on how to manage future website updates, how to make basic changes and improvements as well.
  • Free website hosting: iTi will assist minority businesses with the registration of their new website domain as well will provide free website hosting for the first year of the website's existence.
  • Discounted basic website setup: iTi will provide a $500 flat rate website design service to minority businesses, allowing them to choose from three digital design templates based on the company business type, as well as will assist with the design concepts for implementation.

From Network Support Co.

  • Free initial network assessment: NSC's technical team will evaluate the minority business' IT environment using 150 best practices, tools and technology to gain insight on overall IT health as well as identify potential security risks and threats. The business will receive a custom report prepared by our experts containing scan results, meaningful insights, and other assessment tools.
  • Significant discount for the first year of ongoing managed IT services (for companies with a minimum of 15 workstations). This will include access to our entire bench of 40+ engineers, who provide 24/7 Help Desk and network support, as well as deployment of our proprietary software security platform that addresses security concerns at their most probable entry points, including end users.

"We want to make a potentially life-changing difference for minority entrepreneurs by helping to level the playing field for them. Many have viable and potentially profitable business ideas, as well as the passion and skills to bring them to life. Unfortunately, what they generally lack is equal access to capital, which often prevents them from seeing their entrepreneurial dreams through to reality," said LicenseLogix Founder and CEO, David Yount. "By directly reducing operating expenses and by saving them invaluable time through this initiative, we hope that we can motivate black and other minority men and women to take the leap that they may have always wanted to take and were being held back from doing so."

"Diversity in language and culture is the reason our company exists, so our team is particularly elated to collaborate with like-minded companies on this initiative," iTi President Francesco Pagano said. "We are doing this to give back to the underserved community in our country. It's the right thing to do to and we have the ability to make a real impact."

"We are excited to be partnering with LicenseLogix and Interpreters and Translators on this critical program, which we, too, believe will make a real difference in lowering the barriers of entry to minority entrepreneurs," said Amy Roman, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Network Support Co.

In order to qualify, applicants must meet the minority-owned business criteria set forth by the U.S. Small Business Administration's Minority Business Development Agency. Additional information about The Supply Change Alliance can be found at


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