Alaska Board of Pharmacy Now Accepting Applications for 3 New License Categories

The Alaska Board of Pharmacy is now accepting applications for three newly created license categories: Non-resident wholesale drug distributors, outsourcing facilities, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). The new licenses are the results of a rule change in Title 12, Chapter 52 of the Alaska Administrative Code. The regulations are available by clicking here.

Prior to the rule change, non-resident wholesale drug distributors, outsourcing facilities and 3PLs were required to hold a non-resident pharmacy registration. Although the Board has not issued an official grace period, businesses are encouraged to submit the application as soon as possible. Their old registration will expire once a new license is issued, and going forward, they will not be required to maintain a non-resident pharmacy registration. For businesses engaged in more than one category, an application must be submitted for each license type. More information regarding the changes is available here.

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