Change to New Hampshire Resident and Nonresident Pharmacy Permit Expirations

Pursuant to HB 1240 all resident and non-resident pharmacy permit numbers ending in an even number (i.e., 0, 2, 4, 6, 8) will now expire on even years and biennially in each odd-numbered year for odd-numbered licenses. If your permit ends in an even number it will now expire 12/31/2020. The New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy will send out updated permits with the new expiration within the next few weeks via email. Upon receipt of your updated pharmacy permit, the old permit will be deemed invalid.

If you are signed up for license compliance service with LicenseLogix, please note our renewals team is unable to assist with the renewal of your New Hampshire permit pursuant to New Hampshire law. New Hampshire does not allow third party involvement in the license renewal process.

  • Renewals can be filed online here.
  • Renewals are filed biennially with an expiration date of 12/31, but license renewals should be submitted by 12/15.
  • CLiC subscribers are encouraged to update renewed licenses via your CLiC account. You will see "Client Handles Per NH Law" added to the name of your New Hampshire license(s). Please contact our team at for assistance with your CLiC account.