District of Columbia Requiring Gas and Electricity Providers to Complete Survey

Pursuant to D.C. Code § 34-912(b)(2) and 15 D.C.M.R. 1300 et seq., the Public Service Commission assesses gas and electricity suppliers in the District of Columbia for the Commission and the Office of the People's Counsel's operating budget and monitors the level of competition in the District. To conduct this assessment, the Commission requires each gas and/or electric provider serving the District of Columbia to complete a survey form and provide a notarized affidavit to assure the accuracy of the reported information.  This survey includes questions on gross jurisdictional revenue, number of customers serviced, total output (megawatt hours or therms sold) and whether your company was supplying electricity and/or gas to the end users in the District of Columbia as of December 31, 2018. If your company serves as an electricity broker and/or aggregator and you have no end-user customers, you are not subject to the assessment, however, you still need to complete the survey and the affidavit.

Completed surveys and attached affidavits are required to be filed with the Commission Secretary's office no later than April 1, 2019.  Failure to submit the requested documents on time may subject the company to a penalty of $100.00 for each day the filing is late, pursuant to 15 DCMR § 1301.3. If any of the provided information is confidential and proprietary, please clearly mark it as such.

If you have any questions, please contact Vanetta Wells, Program Analyst, at (202) 626-9173, or vwells@psc.dc.gov.