Idaho Board of Pharmacy Changes Renewal Date for Licensed Facilities

The Idaho Board of Pharmacy has changed the annual expiration date for facilities registered with the Board to December 31st. The transition will begin with the upcoming renewal period, which runs from April 9th until June 30th. The new registration will be valid for only half a year, from July 1st until December 31st. However, the full annual renewal fee will be required. The 2019 renewal will be valid a full year, from January 1st until December 31st, and the renewal fee will be charged at only 50 percent of the annual rate. Notices for the 2019 renewal period will be sent to all registered facilities in late October of this year. 

These changes are applicable to all registered facilities with the Board, which include the following facility types: retail pharmacies, prescriber drug outlets, durable medical equipment outlets, hospital pharmacies, limited service pharmacies, non-resident central drug outlets, manufacturers, wholesale distributors, mail service pharmacies, outsourcing facilities, wholesalers of OTC products and wholesalers of LMD products.

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