Action Required: Iowa Wholesale Distributors and 3PLs Must Obtain Accreditation by the 2020 Renewal Deadline

The December 31, 2019 license renewal deadline is approaching for Iowa Wholesale Distributors and Limited Distributors. This year licensees must obtain accreditation with the National Association of Board of Pharmacy as a Verified Accredited Wholesale Distributor prior to renewing their license. 3PLs also must obtain accreditation prior to their renewal deadline, which is March 31, 2020. Persons or entities that fail to meet this requirements will no longer qualify for the license.

The requirement stems from a 2018 policy change when the Iowa Board of Pharmacy split the Wholesale Drug Distributors License into 3 separate categories: Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs), Wholesale Distributors, and Limited Distributors. A copy of last year's rule changes may be found by clicking here.

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