The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy Increases License Fee for Certain License Types and Creates a 3PL License

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy made changes to their license fees and also created a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) License for businesses shipping or transporting drugs in Minnesota. Both changes went into effect earlier this month.

Fees for initial and renewal wholesale drug distributor, medical gas distributor and manufacturers licenses have increased to $5,260. Prior to the change, the license fees were just over $200. In addition, opioid drug manufacturer license fees have increased to $55,260. However, the fee will be reduced to $5,260 if the sunset provision is applied.

The Board also announced the creation of a 3PL license. All 3PLs that ship or transport drugs into or within Minnesota must be licensed by the Board. The Board hopes to have the 3PL license application ready shortly and will require unlicensed 3PLs to become licensed by November 1, 2019. In the meantime, unlicensed 3PLs should apply for a drug wholesaler license and note on the application that they are a 3PL business. Many 3PLs are currently licensed by the Board as drug wholesalers and can continue to operate under their current wholesaler license until a conversion process is in place by the Board. The Board announced that there will be no conversion fee for businesses changing from a wholesale to a 3PL license. LicenseLogix is monitoring the situation and will provide updates as new information is released.

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