VA Non-Resident Pharmacy Registration to Renew on Anniversary Month

Virginia has changed the renewal date for Non-Resident Pharmacy Registrations. Non-resident pharmacies doing business in Virginia must now renew their Virginia registration at the end of the month in which the registration was originally issued.

Earlier this month, the Virginia Board of Pharmacy changed the annual renewal date for Non-Resident Pharmacy Registrations from April 30th to the end of the month in which the registration was initially issued. For example, a non-resident pharmacy registration initially issued in July will now expire annually on July 31 rather than April 30. Non-resident pharmacies whose registrations are due to expire before April 2016 will have their registrations extended until their anniversary month in 2017 at no additional charge.

LicenseLogix CLiC subscribers should see this change reflected in their accounts by the end of this week.

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