1800Accountant is announcing a new partnership with LicenseLogix, the leading business licensing company in the United States.

1800Accountant, the nation’s leading tax and accounting firm for small business, is proud to unveil its newest partnership with business license leader LicenseLogix.

LicenseLogix helps streamline the process for businesses to obtain the proper licenses they need. It can be a major burden to keep up with the ever-changing mandatory licensing requirements in the thousands of jurisdictions throughout the U.S. The company’s legal and technology experts can take the entire research and application process off the hands of business owners to get them licensed quickly, while staying compliant moving forward. LicenseLogix offers a full array of licensing support services. Its convenient web-based tools provide clients with a centralized location to help them stay organized with all of their licensing requirements, renewal dates, and filings.

Brendon Pack, Partner and Vice President of Sales at 1800Accountant, said he is thrilled to partner with LicenseLogix. “A majority of our customers are new business owners diving head-first into their new company. They rely on us to provide them the best accounting advice so they can avoid many of the mistakes that have tripped up entrepreneurs for decades. Licensing a company is one area most new businesses deal with that is both complicated and fraught with the potential to make a mistake. This new partnership with LicenseLogix will provide our clients peace-of-mind knowing that the nation’s leading licensing firm is by their side to provide business license research, verification, and filings.”

Imke Oster, Principal at LicenseLogix, says,"I am confident that 1800Accountant clients will benefit from this new partnership because we will take lengthy and dreaded compliance chores off someone's desk. Our licensing professionals have filed thousands of applications across all industries in all 50 States and thousands of local jurisdictions. Our clients range from businesses in highly regulated industries that have strict license requirements (e.g. contractor licenses, home healthcare licenses, collection agency licenses, insurance licenses etc.) as well as home-based businesses that require local licenses. We are excited to assist 1800Accountant clients with their business license filings and on-going license renewal management."

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