Incorp Services, Inc. announces a new strategic relationship with LicenseLogix, LLC that will expand Incorp’s corporate compliance services of registered agent and entity formation to now include comprehensive business licensing solutions for companies across the United States.

InCorp, one of the leading providers of registered agent services in the United States, announced today the selection of New York based LicenseLogix to provide business licensing solutions to their new and existing clients. InCorp will offer their clients the full suite of business licensing services developed by LicenseLogix, including the company’s web-based business license management tool called CLiC - Client License Information Center.

LicenseLogix and CLiC provide a user-friendly, secure and cost-effective method to track and renew licenses in every jurisdiction as well as streamline new business license filings. Information on deadlines, renewal fees and relevant corporate documents are easily accessible and customized to each client. LicenseLogix also provides Business License Assessment, Business License Researchand License Verification services assisting companies across various industries to understand, define and analyze their licensing needs.

The partnership between InCorp and LicenseLogix provides new and existing clients a convenient one-stop shop for compliance services - from entity formation, registered agent services and annual reporting requirements to business license research, license assessment and filings and license renewals. These services offer solutions to many of the regulatory corporate compliance needs that burden companies today.

As license regulations continue to change and expand every year, businesses across the United States often spend unnecessary resources dealing with the burdensome task of managing their portfolio of business licenses. InCorp and LicenseLogix offer customer centric solutions that improve workflow efficiency and bottom line profits.

“We look forward to assisting the current and future clients of InCorp and are pleased to supplement their existing corporate compliance service offering. Managing a portfolio of business licenses can be very time-consuming for companies. Our experts understand license requirements and how to quickly navigate the process in every state and in every industry,” says David Yount, Founder and CEO of LicenseLogix.

Clay Plowman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for InCorp stated, “We take customer service very seriously at InCorp and made our decision to partner with LicenseLogix based upon a shared vision that each and every client should receive the same level of attention. They have very quickly established themselves as the premier provider for business licensing services – with both their focus on technology and attention to detail. We feel this relationship provides extraordinary value to our new and existing clients.”

About LicenseLogix

The company was formed by knowledgeable and experienced lawyers with the mission to provide businesses a highly personalized experience and the most relevant license compliance solutions for all industries in all states.

The experts at LicenseLogix can take over all business license research, application assembly, filing and renewal. LicenseLogix prepares everything related to the license application except the client’s signature, while getting businesses licensed faster and keeping them compliant with the law. LicenseLogix also provides business license compliance software that allows businesses to efficiently self-manage their organization’s business licenses.

LicenseLogix holds the expertise and capacity to service corporations with hundreds of entities doing business in all 50 states as well as the small business owner operating in minimal territories. LicenseLogix is poised to be the premier full-service resource for all business licensing needs.

About InCorp

Incorp is a tech-centric national registered agent service that invests heavily every year to develop new technologies that assist their clients. InCorp’s commitment to innovation has created such tools as EntityWatch® - a Secretary of State monitoring tool considered to be an industry first.

Working with Incorp allows clients to minimize risk of incurring late penalties and tax penalties assessed for missing filing due dates as well as eliminate risk of default judgment for missed service of process and avoid statutory non-compliance for failure to maintain a legal registered agent.

InCorp provides a knowledgeable team and “single point of contact” service that keeps customers confident and satisfied.