A new partnership between LicenseLogix and Harvard Business Services offers clients a seamless service in the corporate compliance space – from entity formation and registered agent services to business license filings and license renewals. The collective service offering represents the entire sequence of regulatory compliance needs that burden companies today.

LicenseLogix, LLC and Harvard Business Services, Inc. announce a strategic relationship to offer business licensing and registered agent services to companies.

LicenseLogix, the New York-based business licensing expert, announced today a strategic relationship with Harvard Business Services, the respected Delaware- based formation and registered agent company.

Clients of Harvard Business Services will immediately have access to the suite of business licensing services offered by LicenseLogix. This partnership provides new and existing clients a seamless service – from entity formation and registered agent services to business license filings and license renewals. The collective service offering represents the entire sequence of regulatory compliance needs that burden companies today.

Growing license regulations on new and expanding businesses across the United States cause companies to spend unnecessary resources on managing their portfolio of business licenses. LicenseLogix and Harvard Business Services provide relief from these issues.

“We look forward to assisting the current and future clients of Harvard Business Services. In recent years, the regulatory burden has grown to be too much for companies to handle business licensing compliance efficiently in-house. We are pleased to supplement the outstanding services of HBS and are certain to provide an excellent experience to their clients,” says David Yount, Founder and CEO of LicenseLogix.

Rick Bell, Founder and CEO of Harvard Business Services, said, “We’ve always specialized in making the business formation process easy for our clients. NOW – thanks to this strategic relationship – we can also offer them hassle-free lifetime compliance services.”

HBS clients will also have access to LicenseLogix’s new web-based business licensing compliance solution – the Client License information Center (CLiC™).

LicenseLogix developed CLiC™ to help businesses efficiently manage their license portfolio. In addition to a streamlined filing and automated renewal process, companies can access all their business license information and renewal dates in one secure, central location – avoiding the need for spreadsheets, preventing missed filing deadlines, and protecting corporate data.

LicenseLogix and CLiC™ provide a user-friendly, secure, and cost-effective method to keep track of licenses in every jurisdiction while automating renewals and streamlining new license filings. Information on deadlines, renewal fees, and relevant corporate documents are easily accessible and customized to each client.

About LicenseLogix

A team of attorneys, legal service providers, and technology professionals formed LicenseLogix to address a growing need in helping companies deal with varying compliance requirements in all 50 States.

The experts at LicenseLogix take over all business license research, application assembly and filing. LicenseLogix prepares everything related to the license application except the client’s signature, while getting businesses licensed faster and keeping them compliant with the law.

LicenseLogix offers personalized service with easy-to-use technology, ensuring that clients are properly licensed and their questions promptly answered. Each client has a dedicated account manager who helps determine the appropriate license(s) required, fills out any applications, and communicates with the relevant licensing authority.

LicenseLogix services sole proprietors operating in one state, as well as large corporations with hundreds of entities doing business in all 50 states. LicenseLogix is poised to be the premier full-service resource for all business licensing needs.

About Harvard Business Services

Rick Bell formed Harvard Business Services in March of 1981. Competitors then were big and well established. But Rick conducted business with a philosophy that allowed Harvard not just to survive but to thrive, emerging over time to become an acknowledged leader in the business formation industry.

His philosophy focused on a highly personalized style of customer service, understanding that beyond the mechanics of forming a business there were dreams and aspirations. A customer’s individual questions and concerns were important and special, and that’s how they were treated.

Mr. Bell also decided that a customer’s business formation costs should be fixed, predictable, and affordable. And, customers should get a lot of value for their money.

After more than 30 years and 90,000 business formations later, that same approach is still the signature of our culture and way of doing business: speed, efficiency, expertise and affordability – all delivered with the Rick Bell legacy of personal service.

Headquartered in Lewes, DE, Harvard Business Services, Inc. today is the leading provider of business formation services. Along with the HBS brand of fast, personalized service, customers soon discover a number of other traits that set Harvard Business Services, Inc. far apart from the rest.

  • The guaranteed lowest Registered Agent fee in the industry – $50 – which is also locked in and guaranteed to stay at $50 for the life of your company.
  • A fee structure that is totally transparent, easy to understand, and without any surprises. This is in sharp contrast to other companies, some of which hide the true nature of their fees.
  • Breakaway speed—we file every company on a same-day basis, and no other company can match our quick response in sending out approved documents.
  • Lifetime customer support that goes well beyond the business formation process and assumes the role of a knowledgeable, experienced friend standing by to answer questions and help business owners make informed decisions.