LicenseLogix launches CLiC™ – the first web-based tool created specifically to manage growing license regulations imposed on new and expanding businesses across the United States.

LicenseLogix, the New York based business licensing experts, developed CLiC to help businesses efficiently manage their license portfolio. In addition to a streamlined filing and automated renewal process, companies can access all their business license information and renewal dates in one secured, central location – avoiding the need for spreadsheets, preventing missed filing deadlines, and protecting corporate data.

With CLiC (Client License Information Center), LicenseLogix creates a new standard in outsourcing time-consuming corporate compliance tasks. Many companies manage numerous licenses and permits that renew at different times. Compliance professionals and business owners must deal with basic business licenses as well as industry specific business licenses in every state and many counties. Basic licenses include sales tax registrations, state unemployment registrations, and state or county business licenses. Industry-specific licenses include engineering licenses, collection agency licenses, car rental licenses, mortgage broker licenses, and contractor licenses. These license applications and procedures differ from state to state. Companies quickly realize how demanding licenses are to obtain and renew.

Between states, counties and municipalities, the U.S. has thousands of licensing jurisdictions with diverse laws and regulations. While a few jurisdictions claim to have recently made business licensing simpler, the reality is that the process is, and will be, dominated by confusing government procedures. Some companies have the legal responsibility for hundreds of licenses in dozens of jurisdictions. Organizations have been managing this obligation in a spreadsheet, generic calendar system, or, even relying on the licensing authority to notify them of filing deadlines and changes to the law. Businesses that fail to keep their licenses in good standing face harsh fines, a shut down, or suffer the loss of customer goodwill for expired licenses.

LicenseLogix and CLiC provide a user-friendly, secure, and cost-effective method to keep track of licenses in every jurisdiction while automating renewals and streamlining new license filings. Information on deadlines, renewal fees, and relevant corporate documents are easily accessible and customized to each client.

Account managers are available any time to answer questions about CLiC, a company's existing license portfolio, or license requirements in a new jurisdiction. Previously, organizations could waste many hours or thousands of dollars in fees to understand the landscape of license requirements for their business.

“Our clients save hundreds of hours using LicenseLogix to handle their license application filings and utilizing CLiC to manage the ongoing needs of their corporate compliance. Our services allow them to focus on other tasks more crucial to growing their businesses rather than becoming mired in the jungle of regulatory compliance spread throughout many legal jurisdictions,” says David Yount, Founder and CEO of LicenseLogix.

About LicenseLogix

A team of attorneys, legal service providers, and technology professionals formed LicenseLogix to address a growing need in helping companies deal with varying compliance requirements in all 50 States.

The experts at LicenseLogix take over all business license research, application assembly, and filing. LicenseLogix prepares everything related to the license application except the client’s signature while getting businesses licensed faster and keeping them compliant with the law.

LicenseLogix offers personalized service with easy to use technology, ensuring that clients are properly licensed and their questions promptly answered. Each client has a dedicated account manager who helps determine the appropriate license(s) required, fills out any applications, and communicates with the relevant licensing authority.

LicenseLogix services sole proprietors operating in one state, as well as large corporations with hundreds of entities doing business in all 50 states. LicenseLogix is poised to be the premier full-service resource for all business licensing needs.