LicenseLogix, a leading business licensing solutions provider, announces the launch of a new program, Verified by LicenseLogix. The Verified program presents a new element to business license management, providing transparency and verification for properly licensed business and reducing risks to consumers.

The importance of maintaining active licenses wherever a business operates and conveying this requirement to potential clients or vendors is critical to success. To assist businesses in this effort, LicenseLogix recently launched a new program to their roster of business license solutions: Verified by LicenseLogix. This new initiative provides subscribing businesses with a website badge in order to demonstrate full compliance with licensing requirements - federal, state, county, and local. The LicenseLogix badge links to a dynamic page displaying the business’s licenses and their current status. All active licenses and license numbers are displayed along with the date an application was filed and the date the license was approved. Even the status of renewal applications can be displayed for full subscribers.

LicenseLogix, a full service business license management and consulting firm based in New York, streamlines the process of business licensing by assisting new and existing entities obtain and maintain the proper licensing. LicenseLogix removes this burdensome but required task from business owners with their knowledgeable team of licensing professionals and convenient web-based Client License Information Center (CLiC). CLiC and the License Compliance service offer companies a secure and user-friendly tool to manage and renew all of their business licenses.

Verified by LicenseLogix is simple for subscribers of the License Compliance program to implement and will prove a beneficial marketing and communications tool to companies in many industries. Complying with each jurisdiction’s requirements and presenting this information to customers is another tool to enhance customer satisfaction as well as reputation in the marketplace.

“Unfortunately, we have witnessed in multiple industries that a few bad apples can taint the public trust for all. At LicenseLogix, we understand licensing and how important it is to our clients. We believe a business’s customers should also be aware that our clients take their corporate compliance seriously. The Verified by LicenseLogix program will allow subscribers to show the marketplace, in one central location, that they are complying with licensing regulations throughout the United States," says David Yount, Founder and CEO of LicenseLogix.

While LicenseLogix serves companies of all sizes in all jurisdictions, the Verified by LicenseLogix program is particularly relevant for those with several physical locations or those operating in the pharmacy, construction, insurance, debt collection and energy fields.

About LicenseLogix

A team of attorneys, legal service providers, and technology professionals formed LicenseLogix to address a growing need: complying with vast and varying license requirements in all 50 states. The experts at LicenseLogix perform comprehensive business license research, license filing, license verification, license assessment, and ongoing license portfolio compliance. LicenseLogix ensures businesses get licensed faster and helps keep them compliant with the law.

LicenseLogix’s Client License Information Center, CLiC, is a powerful tool that ensures ongoing license compliance. CLiC allows clients to maintain and access all license information in one secure, central location and alerts clients of upcoming renewal dates and other changes in license status.