Registering Your Business Name

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DBA (Doing Business As)

The official legal name of a business is required for all official correspondence with the government such as applying for licenses, tax identification, etc. The legal name of a sole proprietor is the full name of the owner. The legal name of a partnership is either the name assigned in the partnership agreement or the last names of the partners. For a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation, the legal name is the name of the entity registered with the state.

Some businesses may want to assign a different name either for marketing purposes, to avoid confusion with a competitor with similar name, or because the legal name is not available in another state. To create this “fictitious name” the business must register that name with a government agency. This is also referred to as 'filing a d.b.a.' (doing business as). Although the entity will be conducting business under a fictitious name, all government correspondence, filings, etc. will still be in the official legal name of the business.

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