Spokane, WA  Grants Amnesty for Businesses

Limited Time Only:  Spokane WA grants amnesty for businesses out of compliance with its city business registration requirement

If you’re operating a business within Spokane, WA city limits and your business isn’t properly registered, you’re facing fines up to $536 per day.  For a limited time only, Spokane is offering amnesty to unregistered businesses if they properly register with the city.  To help you take advantage of Spokane’s amnesty period, LicenseLogix is offering a limited time only discount on our license filing services to help Spokane businesses get back into compliance. 

We’ll complete the paperwork, we’ll get you that Spokane business license you never got around to filing, and we’ll even get you back in good standing if your license has lapsed – all for 20% off our normal license filing service fee.

LicenseLogix will set you up for ongoing license renewal services as well so you never fall out of compliance again.  Never miss a license renewal again!

Contact us here and we’ll be in touch to get the process started right away!