Henrico County, VA Business Licenses & Permits

If your business is operating within Henrico County VA, you may be required to have a Business License issued by the Office of Commissioner of the Revenue. To obtain (and maintain) this license, the county requires an application, a varying fee*, annual renewals, and supporting documentation.

Furthermore, the county may reject your application if you have not met certain prerequisites prior to submission. Let LicenseLogix take care of the paperwork for you! We will prepare and file your application, and we will follow up with the county until you have received your Henrico Business License. As licensing experts, we will streamline the entire licensing process, making it as painless as possible.

Note: The above refers only to basic business licenses, which are required for any type of business operating within the county. For information regarding industry specific licenses issued by Henrico, contact us today!

*This fee is dependent upon business activity.