Vendor Verification Plus

Confirm your vendors are compliant

Ever wonder if the vendors and third parties you do business with are properly licensed? Does your reputation depend on the compliance of other parties?
At LicenseLogix, we recognize that a business often must confirm that the vendors and third parties with whom it has relationships are complying with their licensing requirements. We are your license compliance and research department. We verify your vendors' and third parties' licenses, providing you and your customers an added level of assurance.

We provide our Vendor Verification Plus service to various organizations, including:

  • Manufacturers - who rely on outside, certified contractors to properly install their products.
  • General Contractors - who work with numerous subcontractors and may be liable for the subcontractors' work.
  • Business Review Sites - who aggregate consumer reviews of various businesses.
  • Vendor Management Firms - who onboard and manage hundreds or more vendors for large organizations.

Our Tools for Vendor Verification Plus:

  1. LicenseLogix proprietary database of all license requirements in the United States and beyond.
  2. Proven expertise in verifying licenses of all types in all jurisdictions.
  3. Robust technology solutions to seamlessly manage data transmission and verification results with our clients.

How it Works

As part of our Vendor Verification Plus program, LicenseLogix will:
  • Accept incoming data from you on all vendors and licenses to be verified.
  • Confirm the vendors' licensing requirements in the locations indicated;
  • Identify agency that issues the license or registration;
  • Contact issuing agency;
  • Collect status of license and related information including license holder name, license number or identifier, license expiration date, and frequency of renewal; and
  • Transmit results of verification to your system and/or provide you with a detailed verification report on all vendors and their licenses.

Looking to verify your own company's licenses?
Our Business License Verification service does just that!

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